Four Reasons to Install Air Conditioning in your Home

As we post this in the middle of winter, it is safe to say that a home air-conditioning installation is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, with temperatures dropping towards zero (and even lower) our customers in Southampton, Bournemouth, Winchester, Portsmouth, and beyond will not be thinking of a house-cooling system as a priority, right?

More than just cold air

Here at ADS Cooling, we are experts in every aspect of installing the ac system, and we are here to tell you that keeping your home cool is only one of the benefits of having a quality system installed in your property. Since opening our doors in 2006, we have provided quality air conditioning installations to domestic and commercial clients alike up and down Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Feedback from our thousands of satisfied customers has given us significant insight into the main benefits they have received from their ADS Cooling ac system installations, aside from keeping the house cool.

Here are four of the others:

An air conditioning system helps to warm you up

It does not just keep you cool during the summer. By installing the appropriate multi-function air conditioning system, you can regulate warm air as well as cold, meaning that you get to keep your house toasty warm right through the winter, without having to overwork your central heating system.

It helps to improve air quality

With proper air conditioning service, your system will not only regulate air flow around your house, but it will also help to filter particles out of the air as it does so. This can be a great assistance for people suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma, as the air is purer and easier to breathe.

An air conditioning system helps to reduce humidity

Did you know that your system also acts as a dehumidifier? It is true. If your house suffers from humidity or damp, installing an air conditioning unit can help to remove the moisture from the air, preventing (or at least forestalling) mould, rot, damp, and other moisture-related conditions.

It helps to reduce noise pollution

On a hot summer’s day, the only real alternative to quality air-conditioning is to open the windows to let a breeze it. That’s fine if you live in the countryside, but if you are near a main road or a busy street, the noise from outside takes all the pleasure of a gentle breeze through the window. With air conditioning you can obtain the temperature you want while keeping unwanted outside noise where it belongs – outside.

To get an expert air conditioning installation at your property, Hampshire residents in Southampton, Bournemouth, Winchester, Portsmouth, and beyond should call ADS Cooling today. A member of our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a viewing of your property to assess the best system solution for you, before providing you with your own free, no-obligation quote. Call today on 01489 790979 or 07899 855047.



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